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Bernard Szajner - Some Deaths Take Forever (2009)
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Genre ........ Electronic
Style ...... Electro, Minimal, Experimental
Label ........ LtmRecordings
Release Date ... Dec-01-2009
Length ....... 57:07 min
Bitrate ...... avg. 192kbps
Mode ......... Joint-Stereo
Size ......... 79,5 MB 

Originally released in 1980, Szajner's second     
album is an emotive and sometimes disturbing      
musical imagining of two prisoners on death row,  
initially conceived as the soundtrack to a short  
film by Amnesty International. The complete album 
places dark, angular and unnerving electronic     
textures within dynamic rock arrangements, guest  
musicians including Klaus Blasquiz and Bernard    
Paganotti of Magma. This new remastered edition   
also includes three bonus tracks recorded in      
1982, and previously unreleased. CD booklet       
includes archive images, complete artwork and a   
detailed biography of Szajner.......              
'Some Deaths Take Forever is a series sharp       
refractions and angled reflections. Szajner's     
uninflected sequencers are counterpointed         
throughout by Magma's Klaus Blasquiz and Bernard  
Paganotti, bringing a Kobaian disco precision to  
Ritual and Execute. Dedicated to Amnesty          
International, Some Deaths Take Forever is a      
tortured meditation on the electric chair as      
killing machine' (The Wire, 06/2009); 'This 1980  
album is a surreal amalgam of maniacal electro   
pop (check out the Serge Gainsbourgremixedbya  
Speak'n'Spell vibes of Welcome To Death Row) and 
peculiar abstract sound sculpting, hitting on an  
especially odd sound with the Manuel Gottsching  
esque guitarled synth bashing of Ressurector.    
Bonus tracks are thrown in for good measure, with 
the impressive Thol Onasia and parting shot SN  
OWPRINTS standing out for all their        
ambient loveliness' (Boomkat, 05/2009); 'A modern 
electronic masterwork  one of the most exciting  
and innovative pieces of electronic music to be   
released this year' (Melody Maker, 1980); 'His    
frantic, outraged music shames the bulk of        
oscillator nuts peddling their dodgy little       
repetitions around' (Sounds, 1980);               
'Unquestionably one of the decade's most          
accomplished fusions of sophisticated electronics 
and driving rock' (NME, 1980); 'Whether working   
in sound or vision (he sees the two "forces"      
creating a "third force that is stronger than any 
one of the two"), Szajner's genius is in making   
the act of storytelling as relevant as the story  
itself. The reissues both present journeys. Some  
Deaths Take Forever's layers of synths and        
distortion eventually reach a celestial, radio   
frequency climax' (San Francisco Bay Guardian,    
1   Welcome To Death Row 6:14
2   Ritual 4:47
3   Execute 6:29
4   Ressurector 7:12
5   The Memory 5:00
6   Suspended Animation 4:43
7   A Kind Of Freedom 4:01
8   Thol Onsia 5:21
9   A Single Broken Wing 7:27
10   S-N-O-W-P-R-I-N-T-S 5:09
Password: mp3db

Показы: 1093

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